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Display Advertising Specifications

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Please NAME your file as shown in next column.

Print Process

EAGLEyeONE is printed on a web press (like newspapers), therefore demands extra consideration regarding design when creating ads.


Screens that are too light will disappear, and dark images placed behind text will cause text to be hard to read.

Do not use a font less than 10pt.

Script and fine fonts look pretty, but when reversed to white they tend to disappear if they are too small.


Non-Colour Ads

Although the final product is printed in purple ink, please send graphics as black and white or greyscale if they contain pictures. If you send them as purple, the printed ad will not be crisp and clear and will print looking somewhat faded.


Full Colour Ads

Full colour ads must be coded as CMYK. Images off the internet are RGB, so they will look full colour on your monitor, but will print as black and white on the presses. This is not obvious until after the magazine is printed.

Thus it is the responsibility of the designer to ensure the CMYK coding is in place before the file is sent to us.


Use CMYK pallet for coding your coloured text and when possible, make the new colour using only 2 colours. Use colour primarily in photos and backgrounds.


All images used 'inside' your ad MUST also be cmyk

Caution...if you take photos from your website - they will be coded as RGB and MUST be converted or when they land on the big press, they will print in B/W even though they 'look like they are colour'.

Photo's on websites are also generally too small for use in print...so best to use the original one you used to make the web version. Call us if this doesn't make sense :-)

Code any text 12 pt or under as black...unless the font is evry clean and crisp.

Remember we are NOT printed on Laser Printers where you can 'get away with things' you cannot on a traditional web press.

Make sure Black is 100% black and NOT process black (which mixes all colours to create black).

White text should be used with caution, as it means 4 colours of ink must line up perfectly around it to create white space.

Definitely DO NOT use white text with a small font.


Call 250-753-7070 or email now for any questions not discussed here.

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