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2006/07 Holistic Health & Positive Living Directory

Annual Holistic Health & Positive Living Resource Guide 2006/07
 Inside Front Cover ~ West Coast Institute of Mystic Arts
 Page 1 ~ Where To Find It! Table of Contents (continued on page 28)
 Page 2 ~ Greetings from the Publisher!
 Page 3 ~ A Course in Miracles, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Advertising, Aloha Mai, Ancient Teachings
 Page 4 ~ Animal Communication, Animal Healing, Anti Aging, Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Supplies, Art Therapy Supplies, Art Workshops, Artists, Astrology, Aura Readings, Auricular Therapy
 Page 5 ~ Authors, Ayurveda, Beadwork, Beauty & Health, Bed & Breakfast, Bed & Breakfast, Belly Dancing Lessons, Biofeedback Technology, Bookstores
 Page 6 ~ Books & Bookstores, Business Opportunities, Café - Middle Eastern, Cancer Reports, Candles, Channelling, Chanting, Chiropractic, Chocolate - Organic/Fair Trade, Chronic Fatigue, Churches
 Page 7 ~ Clairvoyant Medium, Cleaning, Coaching, Coffee, Colonics, Constructive Living, Contractor/Developer, Correspondence Courses, Cosmetics, Counselling
 Page 8 ~ Counselling - Family and Individual, Craniosacral Therapy, Credit Counselling, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Readings, Crystals & Minerals, Day Spa, Debt Services, Detoxification
 Page 9 ~ Detoxification con't, Doula, Doula Training, Education, Educational Material, Electrolysis, Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing (EMF), Energetic Art, Energy Healing
 Page 10 ~ Energy Healing con't, Feng Shui Practitioner, Fibromyalgia, Focusing Technique, Gardening, Goji Juice, Graphic Design, Hair Studio, Hand Fastings, Healing Portal, Healing Touch
 Page 11 ~ Health & Wellness, Health & Wellness Coaching, Health Consultant, Health Food Market, Health Food Products, Health Information, Hellerwork, Hemp Products, Herbalism, Herbal Consultations, Herbal Nutritionist, Herbal Remedies
 Page 12 ~ Herbal Remedies con't, Herbal Store, Herbalist - Clinical, Holistic Healing Center, Holistic Health Certification Programs, Holistic Health Network, Holistic Health Practitioners, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy
 Page 13 ~ Hypnotherapy - Clinical, Hypnotherapy Counselling, I-Ching, Indigos, Infrared Sauna Treatments, Inspirational Gifts, Intuitive Healing, Intuitive Heart Marketing, Jewellery
 Page 14/15 ~ Copper & Crystal Events, The Sand Art Store, Wholistic Website Design
 Page 16 ~ Juice Bar, Landscape Design, Live Blood Analysis, Lymphatic Drainage, Magic, Mangosteen Juice, Massage, Massage - Registered Massage Therapists, Massage - Chair, Massage - Deep Tissue
 Page 17 ~ Massage - Hot Stone, Massage - Intuitive, Massage - Lomi Lomi, Massage - Swedish, Massage - Treatments, Massage - Tui Na, Massage Supplies, Medical Intuitive, Medicine Wheel - Vortex, Meditation Classes, Meditation Tools
 Page 18 ~ Meditation Tools con't, Medium, Men's Circle, Metaphysical Stores, Mobility Aids, Natural Clothing, Natural Foods, Natural Pet Food, Natural Products, Naturopathic Medicine and Physicians
 Page 19 ~ Nikken Wellness Consultant, NLP, Numerology, Nutrition, Oil of Oregano, Organic Gardening, Organic Produce, Organic Skin Care, Organizing
 Page 20 ~ Ortho-Bionomy, Orthotics, Outdoor Clothing & Equipment, Oxygen Therapy, Packaging, Palm Readers, Past Life Regression, Pet Training, Pharmacy, Photographers
 Page 21 ~ Physiotherapy, Platinum Energy System Foot Spa, Psychic Readers, Publishing, Pyramid Power, Quantum Biofeedback, Radio, Realtors, Reconnection™
 Page 22 ~ Display Ads: Cathy Simons, Enlightenment Consultations, Mikeoula, Touchpoint Institute of Reflexology and Kinesthetics
 Page 23 ~ Reflexology, Reflexology Training, Reiki, Reiki Master Teacher - Usui & Karuna, Reiki Visions
 Page 24 ~ Rental Space, Restaurants, Retreats, Salon, Sand Therapy, Shamanism, Shiatsu, Singing Bowls, Sound - Transformational CD's, Sound Healer, Sound Therapy
 Page 25 ~ Spas, Speakers, Spiritual & Metaphysical Centres, Spiritual Counselling, Tai Chi, Tarot Readings, Toys, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Trager Practitioner
 Page 26 ~ Training - Touch for Health Applied Kinesiology, Transformational Tools, Vega Allergy Testing, Vegetarian Take-Out Food, Vibrational Therapy - Chakra Sound Essences, Vibrational Therapy - Flower Essences, Vitamins & Supplements, Voltage Healing, Water Filter
 Page 27 ~ Watsu, Website Design, Workshops & Events, Yoga, Yoga & Meditation Retreats, Yoga Teacher Training, Zero Balancing
 Page 28 ~ Where To Find It! Table of Contents (continued from pg 1)
 Inside Back Cover ~ Inner Peace Awareness Centre, DeLong Ancient Mystery School, Sacred Connections
 Outside Back Cover ~ FrequenSea