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Animal Communication

Georgina Cyr 250-723-0068 www.animal-communicator.com Email: healingall@shaw.ca
Aromatherapy Certification

• Healing Scents Holistic Clinic Aromatherapy Certification Courses: Correspondence and In-House. Phone: 250-744-1635 Fax: 250-479-1975 www.vancouverislandaromatherapy.com
ART - Sculpture

• Magnificent old growth wood sculptures from tabletop to lifesize. JOHN’S MARVELS 250-598-5221 johnsmarvels@shaw.ca
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Banyen Books & Sound since 1970 - 3608 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1P1. Books: 604-732-7912. Sound and Tickets: 604-737-8858 or 800-663-8442. Website: www.banyen.com
Lobelia's Lair #8, 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440
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Chair Acupressure

Brenda Olson Gabriola Island 250-247-9895 Nanaimo 250-668-9895

SAGE for a consultation call Maureen Freeman:
250-598-5221 or maureenfreeman@shaw.ca
Also See Energetic Communication 
Classes/Free Lectures

Gloria Yates clairvoyant healer and spiritual counsellor - Baraca Centre. Call for details or to reserve a seat 245-3440 or www.gyates.com

Millizza’s Cave #3-321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-754-6608
• Specializing in energetically activated master crystals suitable for healing and energy work. We fill mail orders based on energetic matching of people and stones. Gabriole (250) 753-7070
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Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spa and Far Infrared Saunas Cathy Simons 250-743-9259 crystalclearreiki@shaw.ca
Hart ’n Soul Healing Saunas Distributor of PES Foot Spas, Solarus Far-Infrared Saunas, Water Ionizers and Sound Essences. Sessions avavilable. Call Ronna 250-751-3387
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EMF Balancing

Cathy Simons Website: www.crystalclearreiki.com Shawnigan Lake, Call: 250-743-9259 or email: handcsimons@shaw.ca
Energy Healing

Academy of Energy Healing - Quality correspondence, email, & in-person courses for a reasonable investment. Lyn Ayre 604-524-85650; Email LynAyre@telus.net
Empathic Energy Healing

Leah Morgan leah@spiritofravenwood.com www.spiritofravenwood.com 250-754-8917 Nanaimo
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Ghost Walks

• Island Discovery & Training walking workshops www.naturepark.com/ghost 250-753-5246 Nanaimo
Goji juice - Himalayan

• Anna Christine 250-756-2235 Energy All Around Therapies www.energyallaround.com
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Crystal Clearings - Distant Healing, Creative Mandala Workshops. www.crystalclearings.com 604-530-7622
Health Food Stores

Edible Island Whole Foods Market 477 6th Street, Victoria, V9N 1M4, (250) 334-3116, Email: edible@island.net
Health Product

• Phytoplankton - Ocean FarmaSea - Forever Green www.FrequenseaONE.com or call 250-753-7070 for a distributor near you.

www.dragonflyherbals.com Local Master Herbalist: custom blended herbal tinctures & medicinal teas, bulk dried herbs, hemp hearts, online consultations, vibrational essences, custom made discounted supplies for practitioners. Contact Lin consultations@dragonflyherbals.com

Brian Daly Hypnotherapy and Counselling, 250-205-0358
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Indian Head Massage

John Shurvell 250-754-3330
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Lobelia’s Lair #8 - 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440
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Hot Stone Therapy

• CORRESPONDANCE Course - Hot Stone Massage: Inner Peace Awareness 1-800-834-3480
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Lobelia's Lair #8, 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440
Massage Therapists

Kathryn Hill R.M.T. 1684 Centenary Dr. Nanaimo 250-754-3171
Metaphysical Stores

Lobelia's Lair #8, 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440
The Red Door Gift Shop #12, 221 West 2nd Ave, Qualicum Beach, V9K 2S5 (250) 752-7978
Inner Odyssey Books & Gifts 990A Shoppers Row, CR, (250) 286-1401
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Naturopath Physician

Dr. Doug Kuramoto Pacific Holistic Center 595 Campbell St. 250-753-0280
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Organic Gardening

Heaven to Earth Organic Garden Care call Melissa Sousa 250-753-8898
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Lynn Thompson 1 (888) 878-4935
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Raw Food

Are you interested in raw food? We are planning raw food potlucks with videos, info and creating support buddies. Debra W. 729-9392 or Kalavati 753-3440

Lobelia's Lair #8, 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440
Real Estate

Rob Wesson, Royal Lepage 250-468-9580 1-800-224-5838 www.robwesson.com

Body Harmony Reflexology Stress relief/relaxation/energizing. Chris Hansen RN (250) 758-1319
Reflexology Training

Pacific Institute of Reflexology Chris Shirley, 535 W. 10th Ave. V5Z 1K9 (250) 875-8818 or 1 (800) 688-9748 www.pacificreflexology.com
Alison Rippin (250) 727-3199
Reiki - for Children

Childrens reiki classes with registered Karuna Reiki Master teacher. Cathy Simons 250-743-9259 crystalclearreiki@shaw.ca
Reiki Master Teacher Classes

Island Reiki & Relaxation Center Nancy Hedburg, 250-716-3442
John Shurvell for information call 250-754-3330. avalonhealing@shaw.ca
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Sand Therapy

• Meditative / Creative / Inspiring / Fun! Coloured sand for personal expression. Ideal for art therapists, teachers and rehabilitation. 250-716-2777 www.TheSandArtStore.com

• Sisters in Freya's Moon On-line School For Women Gabriela Eikeland Email: hpfreya@yahoo.ca   www.sistersinfreyasmoon.com
Sound Therapy

Mikeoula - Sound healing concerts also Personal Taped Musical Sessions. www.mikeoula.com
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Healing Insight & Personal Empowerment Tarot Consultations - Reiki Sessions & Classes. Kahriana, CCHt., RM, LightWorker Dedicated to healing the Feminine Spirit Victoria: 250.383.6688 starchild@3web.net
Leah Morgan Nanaimo 250-754-8917 leah@spiritofravenwood.com www.spiritofravenwood.com
The Red Door Gift Shop #12, 221 West 2nd Ave, Qualicum Beach, (250) 752-7978
Tea - Specialty

• A fine line of over 25 specialty teas - loose in 50, 75 and 100 grams and tester packs. Call (250) 746-1322
Tools of Enlightenment

EXTRAORDINARY BEADWORK Spiritually inspired energetic ART PIECES. Shelley Johnson, 1-250-951-0032, Email: planer@bcsupernet.com

Audrey Mairi Trager practitioner, workshop leader and tutor. 1720 Fairfield Rd, Victoria V8S 1G3 contactme@AudreyMairi.com www.AudreyMairi.com (250) 595-6418
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Vibrational Healing

Hart N; Soul distributor of Sound Essences Ronna 250-751-3387
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Wholistic Web Design

Earth Spirit Creations ~ Creating your Sacred Space on the web. 347-9322, 1-866-369-8590 www.wholisticwebdesign.ca
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Yoga Harmony Studio Carol Ann Nussey 250-752-7583 established in 1999
Yoga for Body, Heart and Soul with Elisabeth Michielsen Classes/Retreats. (250) 338-4263 www.bodyheartsoul.com elisa@island.net
Island Yoga Vista yogavista@shaw.ca www.yogavistananaimo.com 250-755-6779
YogaWorks in Victoria call 250-360-0704 Meah Wojno
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