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Angel Readings ~ Faery Readings

Rosanna Ienco Barned 250-760-0396
www. fairytalesandcrystalmagic.com

Animal Communication

Catherine Whittall 250-752-8310

Amega Zero Point

Linda Nanaimo 250-716-2777
Louis Hoolaeff New Wave Technology 1-888-658-8859

Amethyst BioMat

Healing Amethyst BioMat: A medical device that combines Far Infrared Heat, Negative Ions, and Amethyst Crystal. Call for a demonstration in your area. Isaiaha 250-618-3888 www.BioMat.ca
Sidney B.C. Deep relaxing Infra-red heat and healing detox for body, mind, spirit. Sample sessions available. Reg. Jin Shin Do Acupressure,Reiki Master and Body work Massage sessions also available.
Lorea 250-588-0788 Licensed Practical Nurse loreachilton.biomat.com

ART - Sculpture

Magnificent old growth wood sculptures from tabletop to lifesize. JOHN’S MARVELS 250-598-5221 johnsmarvels@shaw.ca
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Bach Flowers

Inner Harmony Healing Sarah Brune, BFRP


Banyen Books & Sound since 1970 - 3608 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1P1. Books: 604-732-7912. Sound and Tickets: 604-737-8858 or 800-663-8442. Website: www.banyen.com
Inner Journeys 250-286-3806
Lobelia's Lair #8, 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440

Business Opportunitites

For franchise opportunities contact Chris Shirley Pacific Institute of Reflexology, Vancouver 604-875-8818 1-800-688-9748, www.pacificreflexology.com chrisshirley@pacificreflexology.com
www.HealthyWealthyOne.com Natural Healing Products with the benefits of becoming healthy and wealthy. 250-618-3888
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SAGE for a consultation call Maureen Freeman:
250-598-5221 or maureenfreeman@shaw.ca
Also See Energetic Communication 


The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio Dr. Norm Detillieux 427 Fitzwilliam St. Nan 250-740-0333


Eagle Gems & Gifts #102 2270 Cliffe Ave. Courtenay 250-897-0502
Transformational Master Crystals. Specializing in energetically activated master crystals suitable for healing and energy work. We fill mail orders based on energetic matching of people and stones.
Gabriole 250-753-7070
Wishes 125 Station St. Duncan 250-748-9411
Winds of Change 250-338-5095 357B 5th St. Courtney

Crystal Skulls

Happy Heads for Sale happy@EAGLEyeONE.com

Crystal and Tibetan Bowls

Winds of Change 250-338-5095 - 357B 5th St. Courtney

Crystal Workshops

Enlightenment Consultations Beryl Thielmann 250-337-5211
Gabriole Springford 250-753-7070 Nanaimo zen@EAGLEyeONE.com
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Amethyst Bio-Mat & ALKAL-LIFE PH/Ionic Water Machine Call for a free demonstration in your area. 250-618-3888 www.biomat.ca
Hart ’n Soul Well Being Distributor of Solarus Far-Infrared Saunas, Jade Roller/Infrared Massage Beds, Platinum Energy Systems Foot Spas, BionTech Alkaline Purifi ed Water Ionizers, Sound Essences and more. Sessions avavilable. Call Ronna 250- 751-3387 www.hnswellbeing.com
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Electric Bikes

CR Electric Crew Wheels 250-287-2909 1841 Island Highway Campbell River Sales & Service Electric Bikes & Scooters PLUS home care mobility scooters

Energetic Communicator

The Grand Council of Light Ongoing sessions on the 11 and 22 of most months - by donation. 105 Machleary St. Nanaimo. Please reserve (250) 753-7070 gcl@EAGLEyeONE.com - Also availableb for private sessions.

Energy Healing

Ahrina K Nielsen 250-816-2434 www.awakeningthelight.com  

Beryl 250-337-5211 Angel Readings, Numerology Charts, Specialty Crystals, Reconnection, Reconnective Healing, Crystal Healing treatments, Reiki all levels, E.F.T. Amega Zero Point treatments.

Rahjah Consciousness Rising Rahjah HT Practitioner/Apprentice 250-753-8260 ConsciousOne@live.ca


contact AnaLaRai 250-248-4006 www.theOne-ASpiritualEvent.com
www.LIGHTonLIGHT.net ongoing energetic events
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Feldenkrais Method

Renee Lindstrom, GCFP Improve Movement, Improve Life (250) 592-0938 Victoria renee.consciouslearning@gmail.com

For Sale

Pregnancy Massage Table with popout tummy hole. Adjustable height, 33 inches wide. Complete with adjustable face cradle and carrying case. Excellent condition. Email for photos$500. Paid $1800. sandart@shaw.ca
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Gardens on the Go Connie Kuramoto gardensonthego@gmail.com
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Ethereal Splendor Healing Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, EMF Corinne Roby 250-947-5231 croby@shaw.ca
Rita Burrows Intuitive Healings 250-338-2674 burrowsr@shaw.ca Courtenay

Health Food Shop

Edible Island Your One Stop Health Food Shop! 477 6th St. Courtenay 250-334-3116 www.edibleisland.ca


Advanced Hypnosis and Training Institute 250-954-9290 www.advancedhypnosis.ca Parksville

Dave Large www.davelarge.com 250-597-2541

Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center Ron E. Thompson 250-755-6479 info.nhc@shaw.ca www.nanaimohypnotherapycenter.com
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Indian Head Massage

Laughing Dragon Learn this relaxing, soothing art. Pure Bliss! No experience needed! Ongoing Classes. Free Booklet included. laughingdragon@shaw.ca

Infrared Sauna Treatments

Hart ’n Soul Well Being Call Ronna 250-751- 3387 www.hnswellbeing.com
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Extraordinary Beadwork Spiritually inspired energetic ART PIECES. Shelley Johnson, 250-951-0032 sjohnson@bcsupernet.com
Lobelia’s Lair #8 - 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440
Mystic Creations Imports Wholesalers of Crystals, Jewelry & Semi-Precious Beads 1-866-733-6418 Campbell River imports@mysticcreations.ca

Winds of Change 250-338-5095 357B 5th St. Courtenay www.WindsofChangeCollective.com
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Lobelia's Lair #8, 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440

Massage Therapists

Kathryn Hill R.M.T. Nanaimo 250-754-3171

Massage Treatments

Hart ’n Soul Well Being Call Ronna 250-751- 3387 www.hnswellbeing.com

Mayan Readings

Anna Christine Doehring Mayan Oracle Readings 250-756-2235 healing@energyallaround.com

Metaphysical Stores

Inner Journeys 250-286-3806 850C 12th Ave.
Campbell River
Lobelia's Lair #8, 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440
Moonliting 9780-C Willow St. Chemainus 250-416-0388
Winds of Change 5th St., Courtenay 250-338- 5095
Wishes 125 Station St. Duncan 250-748-9411
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Naturopath Physician

Dr. Doug Kuramoto Pacific Holistic Center 595 Campbell St. 250-753-0280


Catherine Whittall 250-752-8310
Beryl Thielmann Fun with numbers! 250-337-5211


Frequensea - Phytoplankton www.healthywealthyone.com
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Palm Reader

Catherine Whittall

Past Life Regression

Rosanna Ienco Barned 250-760-0396 www.divinesoulawakenings.com

Pet Food - Raw

WAGZ 1-866-380-WAGZ 318 Duncan Ave. Courtenay


Sierra Summers sandart@shaw.ca

Platinum Energy Systems

Hart ’n Soul Well Being Detoxifying Foot Spa Sales and Sessions, the only scientifically proven system available today Call Ronna 250-751-3387 www.hnswellbeing.com

Power Animal Readings

Rosanna Ienco Barned 250-760-0396 www.wolvesdenhealing.com
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Quantum Biofeedback

The Alden Clinic Janet Foster 250-753-7771
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Aurora Readings 250-754-7356
Grand Council of Light 250-753-7070 gcl@EAGLEyeONE.com
Lobelia's Lair #8, 321 Wesley St. Nanaimo 250-753-5440

Reconnective Healing

Energy All Around Therapies The Reconnection™ & Reconnective Healing™, Reflexology, Certified R. H. Practitioner™, Anna Christine Doehring, Nanaimo 250-756-2235 www.reconnectiontothecosmos.com healing@energyallaround.com

Enlightenment Consultations Beryl Thielmann 250-337-5211 Black Creek
Terry Winters Intuitive Energy Readings & Healings, GeoTran, Feng Shui Appointments & Phone Readings 250-754-4069

The Alden Clinic Janet Foster 250-753-7771

Reflexology Training

Basic & advanced certificate training courses contact Chris Shirley Pacific Institute of Reflexology , Vancouver 604-875-8818 1-800-688-9748, chrisshirley@pacificreflexology.com www.pacificreflexology.com

Reiki Classes

All levels. Taught by Reiki Master Teachers Beryl Thielmann 250-337-5211 Lissy Rauber 250- 337-1845 - will travel to teach.
Cheryl Dawn www.ajourneywithyourspirit. com 250-652-5849

Intensive Reiki Training Michelle Ross 250-619-7962 HeartBody & Soul Nanaimo

Reiki Masters

Delaine Walsh 250-248-8074 Parksville
Cheryl Dawn 250-652-5849 Victoria
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In ancient times a sage was a messenger - they spoke profound truths unto the individual or to a collective group. For a consultation call Maureen Freeman: -SAGE- (250) 598-5221 or maureenfreeman@shaw.ca

Sacred Sound

Cello - Allannah Dow Lessons and ceremonial concerts, gatherings, recordings allannah@live.com
Heartbody & Soul Healing, Meditation & Sound heartbody@shaw.ca Michelle Ross
Mikeoula Sacred Sound Healer/Musician 250- 802-3411 One of a kind, channelled celestial soundscapes (distance sessions available)

Sand Kits

Isaiaha 250-618-3888

Shamanic Healing

Cheryl Dawn 250-652-5849 www.ajourneywithyourspirit.com
Gizelle Rhyon-Berry www.shamanism.org
Rosanna Ienco Barned 250-760-0396 www.wolvesdenhealing.com or rosanna@wolvesdenhealing.com

Soul Coaching - Readings

Rosanna Ienco Barned 250-760-0396 www.divinesoulawakenings.com

Sound Therapy

Mikeoula - Sound healing concerts also Personal Taped Musical Sessions. www.mikeoula.com

Spiritual Guidance & Teachings

Enlightenment Consultations Beryl Thielmann 250-337-5211 Black Creek - will travel

Peter A. Morris Spiritual Teachings on Cassette Tapes and CD’s psychicpilgrim@ shaw.ca
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Aurora Readings 250-754-7356 Judy Nanaimo

Dawn’s Intuitive Readings 250-797-0333 gypsee@shaw.ca 212 Princess St. Nanaimo

Lobelia's Lair Tarot cards & Intuitive Tarot Readings. 250-753-5440

Thai/Yoga Massage

Stephanie Labelle Relax, Release, Re-energize 250-337-0055 www.triadholistic.com

Tools of Enlightenment

EXTRAORDINARY BEADWORK Spiritually inspired energetic ART PIECES. Shelley Johnson, 1-250-951-0032, Email: planer@bcsupernet.com


Natasha’s Temple & Studio 250-715-8325 Pamper Yourself www.natashatemple.com
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Vibrational Energy

Delaine Walsh 250-248-8074

Vibrational Healing

Hart N' Soul Well Being distributor of Sound Essences Ronna 250-751-3387
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ALKAL-LIFE Water Machine Alkaline, purified and acidic water. 250-716-2777 www.alkaline-drinkingwater.com

Web Design Services

Thompson Website Projects 250-591-4171 www.thompsonwebsiteprojects.com

Websites of Interest

www.OpenOffice.org - Open Source Community of FREE software compatible with many popular programs.
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Island Yoga Vista yogavista@shaw.ca www.yogavistananaimo.com 250-755-6779
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